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Published: Sunday 18 August, 2013

michael kors relogios michael kors relogios ´╗┐Americans reach for their big bottle of sleeping pills

Well, OK, maybe that wont be the headlines you read over your morning cup of coffee but it could be.

A couple of weeks ago, folks in the USA went ballistic over a 29 year old high school dropout that spilled the beans michael kors relogios on the shady things that the NSA was up to.

The NSA eavesdropping scandal has been going on for years. Anyone with the IQ of a doorknob and an internet c michael kors relogios onnection can do a little research online and find out that the NSA policy of eavesdropping on Americans has been in place since the Nixon era.

The other problem is that Americans rushed to judgement based on information that they got from the very source that most Americans say they dont trust the mainstream media.

Less than 10 days after Edward Snowden and his famous leak to The Guardian and The Washington Post, Americans are already getting distracted and moving on to something else. of A. The bluer the state, the more the Google search of Edward Snowden is trending.

If Barry Obama is succesful in getting past this latest scandal of his a michael kors relogios dministration, it wont be because hes a brilliant speaker or has finally done something presidential.

It will be because Americans, as a whole, have a short attention span and they are playing right into the hands of the government and the decision makers in the mass media of manipulation.

The fewer people that know care about notice pay attention to the Edward Snowden story, the easier it is for the government to do what theyre going to do and move on to something else.

I predict that next something else will be America going to war in Syria.

Even now, most of America is ready to go back to sleep until the next crisis that has been going on for years penetrates the bubble in which theyve encased themselves. Then they wake up, look for someone to do something and then go back to sleep. michael kors relogios

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