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Published: Sunday 29 September, 2013

michael kors purses outlets michael kors purses outlets Energy Parametrics move with broadband over powerlines in thailand

I found this news about this company expanding with very necessary technology into asia. HOWEVER, this same technology should be placed in europe and the United States. Is this patented stuff? This new BPL setup should expand. See news below:

Energy Parametrics Communications To Expand Into Asian Communications Energy Marketplace With The Opening Of New Bangkok, Thailand Offices In February 2010

Sacramento, California Energy Parametrics Communi michael kors purses outlets cations, the global leader for intelligent energy and communications systems, ann michael kors purses outlets ounced today that it will be expanding its operations into the Asian energy and communications marketplace with the opening of new Bangkok, Thailand offices, located in Bangkok City Tower, beginning in February 2010. Dr. Chavalit Thisayakorn, director of Advanced Technologies, Energy Parametrics Communications, will head the new Thai operations.

In general, we have found the Asian market to be very progressive in relation to upgrading and advancing their communications and energy systems. Presently, Energy Parametrics Communications is unfolding its broadband over power lines program to select companies and entities throughout the region, said Energy Parametrics Communications COO Gary Rayward.

With the technology designed and developed by Energy Parametrics Communications CEO Luke Stewart, broadband over power lines BPL allows users to tap into highspeed Internet connections through an ordinary electrical outlet.Combining the communications principles of modems, wireless networking and radio, michael kors purses outlets our patent BPL technology offers customers an easy, reliable and costeffective means to access the Internet. This will enable so many more families to improve their daily lives and help businesses grow throughout the Asian region as Internet access becomes readily available, explained Stewart.

Based in Dallas, Texas and with research development offices in Sacramento, California, Energy Parametrics Communication, Inc. offers a variety of energy industry environmentalfriendly solutions for green energy customers, states, municipalities, power entities and large corporations throughout the globe including green energy services, lowemission microturbine electric generation systems and true smart grid technology services. Led by Luke Stewart, who is known as the father of true smart grid and power management informatics technology, EP mission is to improve the globes energy infrastructure while lowering pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases. michael kors purses outlets