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Published: Tuesday 23 July, 2013

michael kors outlet store reviews michael kors outlet store reviews A radical fix to the climate change problem

Members said they hoped that such extreme engineering techniques, which include scattering particles in the air to mimic the cooling effect of volcanoes or stationing orbiting mirrors in space to reflect sunlight, would never be needed. But in its report, to be released Tuesday, the panel said it is time to begin researching and testing such ideas in case climate system reaches a point and swift remedial action is required. In interviews, some of the panel members said they hoped that the mere discussion of such drastic steps would jolt the public and policymakers into meaningful action in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which they called the highest priority.The idea of engineering the planet is shocking, David Keith, an energy expert at Harvard and the University of Calgary and a member of the panel, said. should be shocking. Jane Long, an associate director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the panels cochairwo michael kors outlet store reviews man, said that by spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, human activity was already engaged in climate modification.are doing it accidentally, but the Earth doesnt know that, she said, adding, forward in ignorance is not an option.One reason that the United States should embrace such research, the report suggests, is the threat of unilateral action by another country. Members say research is already under way in Britain, Germany and possibly other countries, as well as in the private sector.conversation about this is going to go on with us or without us, said David Goldston, a panel member who directs government affairs at the Natural Resources Defense Council and is a former chief of staff of the House Committee on Science. have to understand what is at stake. But given the panelists varied political and professional backgrounds, they seem likely to achieve one major goal: starting a broader conversation on the issue. Some climate experts have been working on it for years, but they have largely kept their discussions to themselves, saying they feared giving the impression that there might be quick fixes for climate change.Climate adaptation went through the same period of concern, Mr. Goldston said, referring to the onetime reluctance michael kors outlet store reviews of some researchers to discuss ways in which people, plants a michael kors outlet store reviews nd animals might adjust to climate change. Now, he said, similar reluctance to discuss geoengineering is giving way, at least in part because possible we may have to do this no matter what. The methods are uncontroversial and dont introduce new global risks, said Ken Caldeira, a climate expert at Stanford University and a panel member. mostly a question of how much do these things cost. They include seeding the atmosphere with reflective particles, launching giant mirrors above the earth or spewing ocean water into the air to form clouds. These techniques are thought to pose a risk of upsetting earths natural rhythms. With them, Mr. The panel rejected any immediate application of climate remediation techniques, saying too little is known about them. michael kors outlet store reviews