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Published: Tuesday 03 September, 2013

michael kors handbags 2012 michael kors handbags 2012 ´╗┐Airlines experiment with biofuels

A Boeing 737 left Houston bound for Chicago a week ago , and it seemed like a ty michael kors handbags 2012 pical flight if not for the unusual item aboard: alg michael kors handbags 2012 ae.

Two day later, Alaska Airlines sent two planes from Seattle using a cooking oil cocktail.

Both airlines are planning to continue the move to cut their emissions of greenhouse gases. United has promised to negotiate the purchase of 20 m michael kors handbags 2012 illion gallons of the stuff per year.

Part of the impetus might be consumers interest in the environment. But really, who shops for flights according to which airlines emit the least carbon per passenger? For the record, among the best would be JetBlue, Continental, which is merging with United, and US Airways, according to research group Brighter Planet.

As you might suspect, cutting costs seems to be the biggest motivator. Though the price of biofuels is high now Alaska Airlines paid a pergallon price that would make most motorists park the car: $17 airlines are betting it will drop as more is produced. According to Alaska Air Group CEO Bill Ayer, biofuels insulate airlines from the volatile price swings of conventional fuel to help make air travel more economical.

Let hope so, because more affordable tickets fuel fliers, no matter what fueling the flight. Commenters must follow our Terms of Use. michael kors handbags 2012

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