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Published: Monday 29 July, 2013

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Katrin Sturm studied Civil Engineering at the University of DuisburgEssen in Germany. After obtaining her B. Sc. degree in 2009, Katrin continued with her M. Sc. degree and specialised on the environmental part of Civil Engineering. She graduated in 2010 and worked afterwards michael kors discount watches as a trainee in a German consulting engineers company for water management. Nitrous oxide N2O and methane CH4 are two of the most significant greenhouse gases. This project is concerned with N2O and CH4 emissions from rivers, estuaries and water storage systems in South East Queensland SEQ.The objectives of this research are:Determining N2O and CH4 emissions from SEQ aqua michael kors discount watches tic systems.Identifying the impact of wastewater with various levels of nitrogen removal on N2O production in rivers and estuaries.Gaining a fundamental understanding of nitrogen N and carbon C transformations in aquatic sediments leading to N2O and CH4 formation, providing knowledge support for GHG management in aquatic systems.Developing a mechanistic model characterizing N and C transform michael kors discount watches ations in sediments for predicting benthic nutrient fluxes and N2O and CH4 emissions, providing tools to support GHG management strategies. michael kors discount watches