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Published: Thursday 19 September, 2013

longchamps shopper longchamps shopper For those of you who choose not to believe in global warming and climatic changes caused

I mean, from what I can see, there is a high correlation between the global naysayers and people who believe in mythical/mythological dieties with absolutely no supporting subjective evidence, yet who refuse to believe in a condition that is supported by objective, supportable, repeatable evidence. Is it because the two beliefs clash? Is it because they dont want to accept anything that could cause a change in their standard of living? Is it because they have been brainwahsed by their political party that it is bad?

No wrong answers.

The question of whether or not global warming is occurring is really not the issue. The Earths climate is not static. Archeological evidence tells us that we have been through many periods of relative warmth and relative cold. Further, the fact that we are in a warming trend is pretty irrefutable.

The real question is to what extent human activity plays a role in this warming trend. There was a warming trend back in the middle ages prior to the industrial age. Its hard to argue that human emissions were the cause of that. For that matter, the reason we enjoy the balmy climate we currently live in is because of a major warming trend that heralded the end of the ice age. Once again, its pretty hard to argue that human activity was the cause of the warming that ended that particular era.

While it would be absurd to suggest that we humans do not need to be aware of our environmental impact and take steps to prevent befouling our own nest, it is equally absurd to suggest that human activity is the soul cause of climate change when the evidence that the Earths climate has been undergoing cyclic changes throughout its entire existence is pretty darned irrefutable.

First of all yes, there is a warming trend. It is also on the other planets. This is established. The sun is warming. Its been going on for over fifty years that we have been able to measure it. First it was measured by the re longchamps shopper flections of the sun coming back from Uranus. Then by our own spacecraft.

Are we responsible for the other planets warming up? If not, then we need to look past human causes. The fact that the sun has been measured as heating up a little should be a reasonable clue.

The warming of the equatorial waters is doing exactly what warming soda pop does it drives out the carbon dioxide. Thus, greenhouse gases increase.

But the fact that it is due to the sun is doing something else. The equatorial waters are warming up more than anything else. This is driving a very large difference in air mass temperatures when equatorial air meets polar air masses. And it is this difference which is driving the ferocity of our current hurricanes/typhoons.

Because of this larger differential, we are getting harsher winters in the Northeast, for instance. In the meantime, Australia has been through the worst drought in, I think, its entire known history. The times, they are achangin. We need to learn to cope with it, not blame ourselv longchamps shopper es for something so vastly out of our control.

We ARE responsible for smog, pollution, raping the world. That is definitely for sure. We have not done well with what we were given. But as far as global warming is concerned, if we are responsible for it, then we really should take responsibility for the fact that Mars is warming up, too.

That is anyone with a sound mind. Weakminded, lamebrained, halfbrained, nobrained people are brainwashed.

One correct adjective that you did use is repeatable, however, being repeatable does not make it true.

There is no objective nor supportable evidence for global warming.

Changes in a standard of living is a euphemism for downward. Except for algore his carbon credit offset business.

Well, I have entered the carbon credit offset business as well. I have recently secured the rights to the unused carbon credits, vacated by the 50 million aborted babies since Roe v Wade. I have purchased on the futures market all unused carbon credits by all babies to be aborted in the US, other areas covered by Roe v Wade. I did negotiate a 2.1% generational population increase based on the descendants of these babies who will not be born, in perpetuity.

While there are mo longchamps shopper re Dems that subscribe to the global warming farce/ripoff than Reps; enough Reps have jumped on the politically correct, conventional wisdom bandwagon to make it impossible to call it a political issue.

Back to the issue called global warming. The earth has warmed cooled for millions of years, all without the assistance of humans. Why are humans causing this alleged warming not the same natural forces that caused the extremes in warming cooling before? longchamps shopper