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Published: Thursday 05 September, 2013

longchamp travel bag le pliage longchamp travel bag le pliage Five Billion Vegans Foundation

While these people do not believe in God, their goal is the eliminate global war longchamp travel bag le pliage ming by eliminating the animal farms that cause more greenhouse gas longchamp travel bag le pliage es than all the worlds vehicles, trains, and airplanes combined. One billion Chinese donated a great amount of wealth to make this organization extant.

Their goal is to convert five billion people to veganism, a lofty goal that people failed to deliver numerous times. The founders who started the organization agreed never to eat any animals products ever again. Overall, the organization has more money in their account than all the G8 countries put together and they use the money to renounce fast food restaurants like Taco Bell and McDonalds until they switch their entire menu to in vitro meat.

Unless the other restaurants agree to serve either vegan meals and/or in vitro meat, global warming would turn longchamp travel bag le pliage out be a killer; thus preventing nanotechnology from being developed for the middle class to cure things like cancer, heart disease, Down syndrome, and autism. We must sacrifice our love for slaughtering animals for meat if we are to survive the new millennium with our technology completely intact. longchamp travel bag le pliage