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longchamp totes

Published: Thursday 05 September, 2013

longchamp totes longchamp totes Frying the friendly skies

Ready to rough it around the world with nothing but a guidebook and backpack? Yo longchamp totes u want to broaden your worldview or help save a rainforest through an ecoadventure? Maybe youre determined not to be an obnoxious American in another culture. But hop on a plane and youre helping to warm the globe, as the next edition of your travel bible might w longchamp totes arn y longchamp totes ou. Ironically, many of the same people who buy hybrids or use biofuel are also world travelers. Just wait til we have flying cars. Can you reverse the damage from the greenhouse gases dumped into the atmosphere when you fly?

The Climate Care calculator says that when I go from San Francisco to Tokyo and back for a family wedding next month, the trip will choke the skies with more than two tons of CO2. I could make up for some of the ecoburden, or at least the guilt, by sending $32.38 to Climate Care. Ring up all the flights Ill take this year: $68.14. The British NGOs offsetting program, similar to the Terrapass for cars, funds projects to clear the air. Efforts include restoring a Ugandan rainforest and making electricity with defunct British coal mines. Maybe well see biofuelpowered planes in our lifetimes. longchamp totes