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longchamp shopper le pliage

Published: Tuesday 24 September, 2013

longchamp shopper le pliage longchamp shopper le pliage Forbes Member Profile GlobalForestryInvestments

About MeGlobal Forestry Investments, a company that arranges sales in the deforested rain forests of Brazil, acquires reforested plots of land and offers them to investors. The investments are ethical in the sense that they are not only helping the local citizens of Brazil by providing them with work that improves their standard of living, but they have a direct and positive effect on the worlds environment. The work that GFI is undertaking is with the approval and endorsement of the local Brazilian government in Paragominas. Through their close working relationship, the project has succeeded in strengthening the local infrastructure and adding needed services to the community while protecting the environment through practices of sustainable forestry. Protecting the Environment by Planting Trees In the past, forests were considered valuable only for the quantity of lumber they provided, but now they are appreciated for their biological diversity and ability to maintain a healthy ecosystem that limits the damage of climate change. In addition, the trees and soils of the forests store vast quantities of carbon that amount to double th longchamp shopper le pliage at of the earths atmosphere. The forests are vital to sustaining a healthy environment for the earths inhabitants, but each year about thirteen million hectares of forests are deforested throughout the world. Because of climate change, the amounts of greenhouse gases are steadily on the rise. Land plots replanted with living trees, actually change the face of the environment, because trees are able to induce carbon offsetting by soaking up the harmful carbon dioxide from the surrounding atmosphere. Important Relationship with Brazil The impact of investments by Global Forestry Investments in the Brazilian economy and infrastructure has been a positive one. As the country that is home to one of the ten largest economies in the world, Brazil holds a major attraction to international investors. In addition, Brazil doesnt limit the amount of profits that can be earned by investors. The country has a large and ready pool of able workers, a stable government, an unemployment rate that is dropping and a relatively low inflation rate. GFI supports the local economy and is planning to build a school for local children. Investing in Teak Trees for Long Term Profit Timber harvested from teak trees has the advantage of being a renewable resource that is always in demand. According to market history, the performance of teak has been extre longchamp shopper le pliage mely consistent over the past century as an investment with positive risk/return characteristics and that provides substantial profits. It is a sustainable asset that in the past has been known to regularly outperform the more traditional investments. The plots are sold with planted trees that mature in about twentyfive yea longchamp shopper le pliage rs, and there are many opportunities to profit during that time as the trees are systematically thinned. longchamp shopper le pliage