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Published: Tuesday 17 September, 2013

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Your image at work is important. The visual package you present to your employers is a crucial element in achieving your career goals. Building or updating your wardrobe for work requires key investment basics that should be simple and tailored.The average person spends 2,500 hours a year wearing work clothes that should be your first line of defense when you need to be taken seriously. Selling a polished, pulledtogether look that maintains the balance between individuality and professionalism is best achieved with accessories for both your outfit and your work area. The slide show included in this article lists some fantastic accessories to turn your work attire from dull to dynamic.The bag you carry to work has more responsibility than any other bag you own. Finding the perfect bag that can be stocked with your musthave items for work depends on your job and daily commute. Laptop sleeves that are stylish as well as protection for your computer is a fun and inexpensive way to add your personal t longchamp sales uk ouch to your work bag.Even if you managed to pair together the perfect work outfit with just the right accessories that make you feel your unique version of fabulous, you might still be faced with an ID badge. Lets be honest, sporting a lanyard with an unfortunate picture of you will frump up your outfit faster than slipping into a pair of Frankenstein oxfords. Luggage tags with a flap that close over the embarrassing photo can be attached to your belt loop or work bag.Whether you realize it or not, we are all shaped by our environment. The aesthetics you encounter from the moment you press the snooze button in the morning to the fabric of the pajamas you put on every night prompt us to behave in certain ways often without our knowledge. Personalizing your cubicle doesnt just mean family photos and your college diploma.I recently chatted with Sayeh Pezeshki, CEO/Founder of Sorting with Style and Office Style in a Manila World for her expert opinion on adding personal touches to your work environment. Sayeh Pezeshki is The Office Stylist, and a female entrepreneur who started her first business at the age of 17. After being inside her fair share of manila offices, she decided to pursue her passion: bringing Office Style to a Manila World. Her blog TheOfficeStylist offers tips and ruminations on how to bring style into every office environment from tech start ups to doctors offices.Another cubicle quandary we posed to Sayeh,what to keep at your desk when the thermostat takes a vacay to Eskimo land? She suggested a shawl that can be worn many different ways. Cashmere, silk, and wool shawls or a wrap card longchamp sales uk igan are all gre longchamp sales uk at options that are much more glamorous than the grandpa sweater stashed in your bottom desk drawer. longchamp sales uk