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Published: Tuesday 17 September, 2013

longchamp planetes tote longchamp planetes tote ´╗┐Funding for National Waste Plan

Outlining progress on the Scottish Executives National Waste Plan objectives during a debate in Parliament, Deputy Environment Minister Allan Wilson said:

The Scottish Executive is investing massively to help put in place the infrastructure for more sustainable waste management.

We are committed to reducing reliance on landfill and reclaiming and recycling more of our valuable resources.

Achieving these ambitious objectives will depend on a fundamental shift in public attitudes towards waste. To help raise awareness of the vital role the public can play in meeting our targets on reducing, reusing and recycling waste, we have today announced additional funding to encourage public participation in local waste initiatives.

We will provide the Scottish Waste Awareness Group SWAG with an additional 100, longchamp planetes tote 000 this financial year and 400,000 in each of the next two financial years. This funding will ensure SWAG can continue to carry out its core functions. These core functions include the Waste Aware Scotland programme to raise awareness of the need to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste; providing information on its website; the provision of a newsletter and consulting and engaging with the public on waste awareness.

Promoting waste awareness is a sound investment in Scotlands future. M longchamp planetes tote oving away from an overdependence on landfill will reduce the blight experienced by communities across Scotland, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and create economic opportunities associated with reclaimed resources.

This funding is subject to the Scottish Executive formally agreeing SWAGs Business Plan. LTCS funding for SWAG is coming to an end following changes to the Scheme made by the UK Government. The money the Executive is providing today is coming out of consequentials received following the changes to the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme.

The National Waste Plan was published on 24 February 2003 and sets out the Executives targets for sustainable waste management until 2020, including plans for segregated kerbside recycling waste collection in nine out of ten Scottish homes.

The encouragement of recyling and waste reduction is longchamp planetes tote a key element of the Executives Environmental Do a Little, Change a Lot Campaign. longchamp planetes tote