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Published: Saturday 21 September, 2013

longchamp backpack longchamp backpack Get the scientific scoop

It has certainly been awhile since I have written on here. Before break we were investigating the greenhouse effect. We recently completed a very comprehensive experiment to find out about the sources of Carbon Dioxide in our lives. This experiment was meant to be a model for their science fair project. Next week we will investigate both sides of the Global Warming debate.

Last week we had a lesson from Mr. Doug Irish in regards to our new Google Apps account. More information will be coming in a future post on this exciting adventure.

During the past 4 class periods all 7th graders have also spent some time preparing for the NESA Virtual Science Fair. All students should now have a topic that they are considering. Please ask your child about the choices they have made about their topic and the people they have chosen to work with. I will email you an email letter describing the details of this project.

A required component of 7th and 8th grade science at TAISM is the NESA Virtual Science Fair. The first part of the project involves the students choosing a top longchamp backpack ic to learn about and contemplating a question to investigate while longchamp backpack practicing good scientific inquiry. The actual Science Fair will not occur until the end of March but the prepartion for it starts NOW! If deadlines are followed and students are working little by little on the project it should not be a major obstacle for them. It is important to note that science fair projects ideas cannot be completely copied and pasted from the internet. This is a site to get the brain juices flowing so students can come up with their own original science fair project. All science fair projects should have some kind of application to life An example would be a project that tests the effects of aerodynamics on fuel efficiciency or testing new ways to heat water rather than using fossil fuels.

There will be much more information posted after the winter break but students will need to decide who they will want to work with on their project before winder breakone or two other studentsthey get to choose their partners; students may also work alone with permission from their parents and meit can be too much work for one person.

Hi Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your long weekend. We will have a quiz on the Greenhouse Effect on Monday A,C blocks and Tuesday G Block this next week. You will need to understand the following terms and concepts:

4 Greenhouse Gases

What makes certain gases Greenhouse Gases?

Be able to draw a diagram and explain how the Greenhouse Effect works.

Is the Greenhouse Effect necessary?

What will happen if more greenhouse gases are added?

What are the sources of greenhouse gases?

Here are the questions from the true/false learning check we had in class during the last lesson. Do you know all the answers? Parentsgive them a try! Hopefully your child touched on some of these during their lesson on the Greenhouse Effect for you.

The Greenhouse Effect works exactly like the lab we did with the plastic wrap.

The Greenhouse Effect is necessary for life on Earth.

The Greenhoue Effect only happens on Earth.

Oxygen is a greenhouse gas.

Greenhouse gases reflect heat.

30% of the solar radiation that comes to Earth actually reaches the surface.

Some of the heat that reaches the surface escapes back out to space.

I will post the answers on Saturday!

Hi everyonedo you know where I am? I am in Amman, Jordan learning about how the NESA Virtual Science Fair is going to work this year!! This year all 7th gra longchamp backpack ders will participate in the NESA Virtual Science Fair. There will be much more information coming at the end of November. You don need to start working on it quite yet but you can start thinking about a topic that you would like to investigate. Are you interested in Chemistry? Biology? Geology? Astronomy? Oceanography? We will start doing research at the end of November. longchamp backpack