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Published: Monday 29 July, 2013

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If the Canadian government wont help to keep the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory PEARL open then hopefully ordinary Canadians will.

So far, the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences CFCAS has received about $300 from ordinary citizens concerned about the closing of the research laboratory ne italian leather handbags ar Eureka, Nunavut.

Weve had donations that range from $25 to $125, says Dawn Conway, executive director of the CFCAS. It wont keep the station open but enough of them would. Its a drop in the bucket but hopefully that bucket will be fille italian leather handbags d with other drops.

PEARLs yearly budget was about $1.5 million, the bulk of which came from Conways foundation. When the federal government decided not to continue funding CFCAS, PEARL took the hit.

On Tuesday, PEARLs principal investigator told CBC News the station will have to shut down on April 30.

Jim Drummond, a Dalhousie University researcher, says the labs equipment will be removed and the building will remain available only for intermittent, shortterm projects. The station has been tracking ozone depletion, air quality and climate change in the High Arctic since 2005.

That development is of particular concern to some American scientists.

Uttal worked with Drummond at the PEARL Station. The lab is part of a network of 10 around the High Arctic that monitors atmospheric data and take measurements of greenhouse gases, clouds and pollutants, among other things.

There is really only three places in the Arctic right now where we have sufficient measurements to tell us about why the climate is changing, explains Uttal, and PEARL is one of them. italian leather handbags