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Published: Friday 27 September, 2013

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Climate Change Skepticism: Is the climate change debate being effectively argued? Are we hearing equally from both sides?

Here are a few facts:

Current CO2e e = equivalent, so all greenhouse gases together recalculated as CO2 emissions per year human caused: 34bn tons energy and industrial mostly

Current atmospheric CO2 isabel marant sneaker online shop PPM parts per million levels: 392

Target PPM level to be sustainable: 350

Resulting CO2e emissions per year: 21bn tons levels from late 80sCO2 emissions to get to in order to first reverse the concentrations: 10bn

Needed reduction: 24bn tons per year

Average net global population increase per year: 70mn people

Average world footprint per capita: 4.7tons CO2e

Average increase in emissions caused by population increase:330mn tons per year

Average annual decrease needed to get to 10bn tons by 2050: 24bn tons / 38 years = 630mn tons

In other words, the world needs to have projects which reduce 1bn tons CO2e per year in order to successfully get to the 10bn tons level. Some greenhouse gases need at least several years and others much longer before they are removed from the atmosphere, so there is likely a time lag of several years before any changes in the data are visible. PPM data shows that whenever emissions were down yearove isabel marant sneaker online shop ryear, the growth of PPM levels was lower 12 year isabel marant sneaker online shop s later.

Over time, the sustainable green projects will replace fossil ones and there will be a net reduction in emissions. After they get to c. 10bn tons per year for some years, they can increase to a sustainable level if needed. isabel marant sneaker online shop

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