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Published: Sunday 29 September, 2013

isabel marant sale online isabel marant sale online Denial over global warming foolishness says leading American scientist

One of the worlds most respected scientists has slammed Americas position on global warming. presidents, popes and other heads of state on the issue since 1964. prestige among world leaders.

Eminent scientist: Former presidential adviser Peter Raven says that an anticlimate stance has diminished American prestige among world leaders

Attention is turning instead to China who is seen as a more positive and influential global force.

Achim Steiner, the Brazilian head of the United Nation isabel marant sale online s Environmental Program, told ABC News that Europe is looking east to find a solution to the problem.

Mr Raven is in agreement. leadership on this question, global climate change, and now it has pretty well given up, with us as the only holdout nation on the science, he says. position. is losing leadership to Ch isabel marant sale online ina, she continued. by political parties, particularly the Republicans, and the fossil fuel industry about the seriousness of the situation has led to an alarming lowering of respect for America.

There is virtually unanimous consensus among the worlds scientists who work in the area that human beings are the major reason for global warming, said Mr Raven.

Weve already pumped enough carbon

dioxide and about 15 other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to have

changed the climate dramatically, he said.

The National Academy of Science Academic stated in 2010 that those who doubted manmade clim isabel marant sale online ate change were in the vast minority, at around two percent of notable researchers. isabel marant sale online

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