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Published: Thursday 12 September, 2013

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Photo courtesy of the White HouseOver the weekend, before Edward Snowden outed himself, a frantic hunt was on for the insider who leaked NSA phone and internet spying documents to the Guardian and the Washington Post.

Leaks from inside the government, the president says, harm national security. Corporate officers have long said leaks destroy trust, camaraderie, and a isabel marant black fringe boots healthy working environment. Corporate leaks can even threaten a companys existence by hurting its competitive advantage and ability to make a profit.

For government whistleblowers, a good outcome is a relatively short prison sentence. Thats true even for blowing the whistle on behavior that probably violates some important part of the Constitution, which the Supreme Court still believes is the law of the land.

But while the feds are hunting government leakers, blowing the whistle to the same feds about FCPA and other securities law violations can make you megarich. Powerballsized paydays await corporate whistleblowers, courtesy of Uncle Sam. isabel marant black fringe boots