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Published: Wednesday 25 September, 2013

handbags for sale cheap handbags for sale cheap deeply troubling if Snowden allowed to flee

Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that it would be deeply troubling if Russia or Hong Kong had adequate notice about Edward Snowdens plans to flee to a country that will grant him asylum and still allowed him leave. moved to extradite him to face espionage charges. He was expected to seek political asylum in Ecuador.

He was booked on a flight from Moscow to Cuba on Monday, but he was not seen on the plane. It was unclear where he was or where he was he was trying to go, Kerry said. has revoked Snowdens passport. and India. relationship with China and Russia.

It would be deeply troubling, obviously, if they had adequate notice, and notwithstanding that, they make the decision willfully to ignore that and not live by the standards of the law, Kerry said.

There is a surrender treaty with Hong Kong and if there was adequate notice I dont know yet what the communication status was. But if there was, it would be very disappointing if he was willfully allowed to board an airplane . and there would be, without any question, some effect and impact on the relationship and consequences. With respect to Russia, likewise.

The United States does not have an extradition treaty with Russia, but does with Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador. Even with an extradition agreement though, any country could give Snowden a political exemption.

Kerry also noted the countries invol handbags for sale cheap ved in the incident.

I suppose ther handbags for sale cheap e is no small irony here. I mean, I wonder if Mr. Snowden chose China and Russian assistance in his flight from justice because theyre such powerful bastions of Internet freedom, and I wonder if while he was in either of those countries he raised the question of Internet freedom sinc handbags for sale cheap e that seems to be what he champions. handbags for sale cheap