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Published: Tuesday 23 July, 2013

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I not sure if you are denying that global warming ever happens, or just stating your position in the current controversy over the effect humans have or don have on the phenomenon.

Earth has experienced warming and cooling many times in the past. The recent Antarctic EPICA ice core spans 800,000 years, including eight glacial cycles timed by orbital variations with interglacial warm periods comparable to present temperatures.

A rapid buildup of greenhouse gases caused warming in the early Jurassic period about 180 million years ago, with average temperatures rising by 5 9 Research by the Open University indicates that the warming caused the rate of rock weathering to increase by 400%. But I assume this is not the part you were disputing.

It must be the human element you don believe. I not a scientist, so I can speak to the science of the phenomenon in any detail. However, common sense tells me we must be having some effect. We pumped more pollution into the air in the last 100125 years than in all of previous human history please handbags fashion note here I excluding natural events like volcanoes, storms that cause forest fires, and asteroids hitting the Earth an blanketing the atmosphere with ash. Much of this pollution is carbondioxide.

CO2 production from increased industrial activity fossil fuel burning and other human activities such as cement production and tropical deforestation has increased the CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. Measurements of carbon dioxide amounts from Mauna Loa observatory show that CO2 has increased from about 313 ppm parts per mil handbags fashion lion in 1960 to about 375 ppm in 2 handbags fashion 005. It won be a catastrophic meltdown, so to speak, but the ice fields will shrink. The ice fields contain large amounts of methane. This only compounds the problem.

Methane gas, abundantly trapped as a half frozen slush in the northern hemisphere tundra permafrost regions and at the bottom of the sea may well be a ticking time bomb, says geologist John Atcheson in an article published by the Baltimore Sun in December last year. Methane is about twenty times stronger as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Since arctic warming seems to procede faster than expected, there is a real danger that deposits of methane and similar gases trapped in normally frozen ground, may thaw out and belch into the atmosphere, wreaking havoc with our computer simulations of global warming.

According to Gregory Ryskin, associate professor of chemical engineering at Northwestern University, explosive clouds of methane gas, initially trapped in stagnant bodies of water and suddenly released, could have killed off the majority of marine life and land animals and plants at the end of the Permian era long before dinosaurs lived and died. First, I not sure there is conclusive evidence that human activity will increase the global warming timetables significantly. I think it will, but that only my opinion. Second, even if we did everything that people like Al Gore want us to do today to reduce the rate of global warming, I not sure we have any significant effect.

But none of this is really the point. The fact is that all these antiglobal warming steps we are urged to take will, even if they have no effect on global warming, still help clean up the atmosphere, the land and the water. These pollutants are killing us even if global warming is a total myth. We breath poisoned air, drink poisoned water and eat food made from animals, fruits and vegetables that also breath the poisoned air and drink the poisoned water. As far as I concerned the argument starts and ends there. handbags fashion