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Published: Friday 23 August, 2013

etoile isabel marant etoile isabel marant Data Being Developed

Scottish Geenhouse Gas Emissions on a Consumption Basis

Consumptionbased emissions reporting is a complex and evolving field. As a result the figures are currently classed as data being developed which means that they may be subject to a greater degree of revision as the methodologies and datasources continue to be developed. We welcome comments on the methodology and the data sources. Please contact us: Environment Contacts

In thesefigures a greenhouse gas footprint refers to greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with the spending of Scottish residents on goods and services, wherever in the world these emissions arise, and those which are directly generated by Scottish households through private motoring etc. These emissions are often referred to as consumption emissions to distinguish them from estimates relating to the emissions produced within a countrys territory or economic sphere. In addition to a greenhouse gas footprint covering all greenhouse gases, there is also a separate carbon dioxide footprint.

The figures are provided by Leeds University under contract to the Scottish Government. A report describing the methodogy isavailable:Scottish consumerbased emissions 1998 to 2009 methodology. While the statistics cover the period 19982009, figures for the period 20042009 are notcomparable with those provided for earlier years. The current estimates will be revised in 20 etoile isabel marant 13 when the GHG model moves over to the new standard industrial classification system SIC2007.

The greenhouse gas footprint is a national indicator Reduce Scotlands carbon footprint. In addition Section 37 of the Climate Change Scotland etoile isabel marant Act 2009 requires that the Scottish Ministers report, in so far as is reasonably practicable, the emissions of greenhouse gase etoile isabel marant s whether in Scotland or elsewhere which are produced by or otherwise associated with the consumption of goods and services in Scotland. Scottish Ministers must lay a report before the Scottish Parliament in respect of each year in the period 20102050. etoile isabel marant

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