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etoile by isabel marant

Published: Monday 15 July, 2013

etoile by isabel marant etoile by isabel marant ´╗┐Daylight down the data mine

National Security Agency is gathering data on the telephone calls of millions of American citizens. Strictly speaking, this isnt true. What he did reveal was the existence of a secret court order requiring the Verizon company to turn over the telecommunication logs of its customers.

Snowden also revealed the existence of the Prism Internet surveillance program. But thats a separate operation which isnt supposed to be directed at American citizens.

So, strictly speaking, the NSA is not gathering this data. Its etoile by isabel marant the telecommunications companies that are gathering it, and they do so in the normal course of their business. Its what they use to print the phone bills they send to their customers.

View Larger ImageEdward SnowdenAssociated PressThe data that Verizon is required to etoile by isabel marant provide doesnt contain the content of the communications. But it does record such things as the time a phone call was made, where it was made from, what number was called, and so on. This is called metadata or data about data. What the NSA does is mine this metadata by running its own algorithms on it, looking for patterns that might reveal terrorist plots against the United States.

Its reasonable to assume that other telecommunications companies are subject to similar court orders. This will seem ominous to many people. It certainly did to Snowden.

But consider this scenario. Suppose a terrorist group carries out a largescale attack in the United States, killing and injuring hundreds of people. Subsequent investigation reveals how the perpetrators plotted for many months beforehand, planning and preparing the attack.

How would investigators find this out? In part, by examining the communications logs of companies like Verizon, which they would obtain by using court orders. That is, they would perform the same kind of data analysis, on the same kind of data, that the NSA is doing right now. The only difference is that the analysis would be done after the attack had occurred.

Imagine the outraged headlines: If they could discover all this after the attack, why couldnt they have discovered it befor etoile by isabel marant e? Hundreds of lives would have been saved!

So what we have here is a typical case of damned if you do and damned if you dont. Most people would have little trouble deciding which theyd rather be damned for.

But its not obvious why these revelations would be all that damaging to this particular NSA project.

A lot of people outside of the agency must already have known about it: many Verizon employees, for example. After all, even a lowlevel minion working for an NSA contractor was somehow able to obtain a copy of the court order itself.

As for the ones who really count: surely terrorists were already aware that the NSA has this kind of capability, and surely they were already taking what precautions they could to cover their digital tracks. But they cant avoid using telecommunication systems altogether. Postal Service? Carrier pigeons? Encrypting the content of their communications wouldnt help them either, because the NSA algorithms operate only on the metadata. etoile by isabel marant

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