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Published: Wednesday 18 September, 2013

designer wear online designer wear online EU needs new CO2 strategy for global talks

WARSAW Reuters The European Unions aim to lead the world in adopting ambitious emission cuts has failed and the bloc needs a new strategy for global climate talks, a Polish official was quoted on Saturday as saying.

An aerial view shows steam billowing from the cooling towers of a coal power plant in the western town of Neurath December 4, 2009. REUTERS/Ina Fassbender/Files

The European Union needs a new strategy for the international climate negotiations. So far, we have agreed to everything and tried to make the world act by following our good example. This has not give the desired effect, Polands Deputy Environment Minister, Bernard Blaszczyk told the Polska Energia magazine in an interview.

Blaszczyk, who is responsible for dealing with the EUs Emissions Trading Scheme ETS from the Polish side, also said the 27nation bloc was responsible for some 13 percent of global greenhouse gases emissions.

This means efforts designer wear online by EU alone, without other worlds emitters participation, wont let us achieve the strategic goal of curbing global emissions, he also said.

Now we should wait for the others, the biggest emitters in particular, and focus our actions on the internal market and strengthening Europes economic competitive designer wear online ness.

Blaszczyk said the EU should at the same time support adaptation in developing states, especially in Africa and Asia, and push hard to improve its own energy effectiveness.

But the global climate summit in December ended with a bareminimum agreement that missed its original goal of forging a replacement for the climateprotecting Kyoto Protocol which expires in 2012.

This means that breaching the security level of 2 degrees is, unfortunately, possible, Blaszczyk also said.

designer wear online Poland, which is overwhelming reliant on highlypolluting coal for its energy needs, was one of the EU members opposing committing to higher emission cuts. designer wear online