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Published: Tuesday 27 August, 2013

designer handbags online outlet designer handbags online outlet Germany urged to take up research on sustainability

M. S. Ananth, Director, IIT Madras, Thomas Rachel, German Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research; M S Swaminathan, chairman, MSSRF; Hans Burkhardi Sauerteig, ConsulGeneral, German Consulate, Chennai; Prof. Ernst M Schmachtenberg, CoChair, Advisory Board, IGCS and Max Huber, vice president, German Academic Exchange Service DAAD at the inaugural function of IndoGerman Centre for Sustainability on IITM campus on Monday. Photo: R. Ravindran

Speaking after unveiling the stone, Thomas Rachel, German Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, said there was a drastic increase in demand for energy and the increase in greenhouse gases emission was causing concern. It was important for both India and Germany to take up research on sustainability.

Germany had planned to reduce greenhouse gases by 40 per cent in 2020 and 80 per cent in 2050. For this, the Federal Government had presented a new energy policy. The biodiversity challenges needed international help to take up research to find solutions, Mr. Rachel added. Swaminathan. Though a new set of green t designer handbags online outlet echnology innovations had been introduced, most were covered under patents. The bank should buy the patented technologies and make them available for researchers, he said. Ananth, Director, IITM, said the proposal to construct the centre was finalised in 2008 when the German Minister for Science and Technology visited IITM and announced new Passage to India programme. Following this, the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, also promised to provide a matching grant for the Centre for Sustainability. Centre for Sustainability will function with minimum administrative support and maximum research effort, Dr. Ananth said.

Raffig Azzam, Coordinator, IGCS, said the Centre would take up a study of sustainable use of water, land, energy and waste. According to a study, in 2020 Asian countries would face severe water shortage.

This would result in desertification and contamination of groundwater. The Centre would launch an interdisciplinary research, which would address these issues, he said.

The Centre would develop courses for both Indian and German students, which would be aimed at improving the level of science students in India, said Professor designer handbags online outlet Max Huber, VicePresident, German Academic Exchange Service DAAD. The relationship between DAAD and India began 50 years ago, when the first DAAD centre was inaugurated in New Delhi, he added.

Premier institutions the world over should collaborate with each other to tackle the issue of climate change, threat to biodiversity and resource depletion, said HansBurkhardt Sauerteig, Consul Gener designer handbags online outlet al, German Consulate General, Chennai.

The building for the Centre would be ready in a years time. The DAAD would contribute 3.7 million Euros per year to the centre for four years to take up research on water, land use, waste management, biodiversity loss, climate change and related issues.. designer handbags online outlet