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crossbody bags

Published: Tuesday 13 August, 2013

crossbody bags crossbody bags A trump card in the fight against global warming

Despite producing 25 percent less CO2 than petrol or diesel, however, natural gas is still a fossil fuel, and burning it results in the emission of significant amounts of atmospheric pollutionAs a biogas, however derived from recently living organic matter methane is far less environmentally damaging since the CO2 it gives off is immediately reabsorbed by plants and thus adds little to the net sum of greenhouse gases in the atmosphereMethane biogas is already being used in projects around the globe to generate electricity in China and India, indeed, it has been employed for decades and is attracting increasing interest from the car industry as a source of renewable energyNow a company in Sweden has developed a novel and environmentally sustainable if somewhat gruesome method of actually obtaining methane: boiling cow intestinesThe digestive tracts of all living creatures produce methane, a byproduct of the action of bacteria breaking down ingested food matter. Becau crossbody bags se cows have four stomachs, they create considerably more of the gas than any other animal 75 percent of the total methane produced by all animalsTo date no viable method has been devised to capture this gas as it erupts from either end of the cowSwedish company Svenska Biogas, however, are currently doing the next best thing: taking the bits of cows that would otherwise be discarded during the slaughter process stomach and intestines primarily, but also udders, blood and parts of the liver and kidneys and extracting the residual methane directly from themDepending on the cows size, we can get 80100 kilos of material from each animal, Ca crossbody bags rl Lilliehook, Managing Director of Svenska Biogas told CNNThese are all the things that would otherwise be classified as foodprocess waste and either incinerated or disposed of in landfill sitesThis material is then heated at 70 degrees centigrade for one hour to boil off the impurities, and put in a digester for one month, where microorganisms break it down, producing a mixture of methane and CO2 which is drawn out of the top of the digester.

Having been upgraded filtered through water to remove as much of the CO2 as possible the resultant methane biogas is then used to fuel cars, taxis, rubbish trucks and the 70strong busfleet in Linkoping, the town where Svenska Biogas is basedWe have been running this system for two years, and are now taking 54,000 tonnes of slaughterhouse waste each year, explains Lilliehook, Mainly from cows, but also from pigs and chickensFrom this we are able to produce five million cubic meters crossbody bags of biogas. Apparently President Museveni had heard about our biogas train and wanted to have something similar in his own country.

Lilliehook accepts that cow guts are not necessarily going to provide the definitive solution to global warming. undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs warned that the world is already in the grip of a climate change megadisaster, however, he believes that they have an important role to playI certainly think that this is a technology that can help to reduce greenhouse gases, Lilliehook told CNN. True it costs more than petrol or diesel you need 20 percent more biogas to give the same amount of energy but the environmental benefits in terms of waste disposal and cleaner emissions are enormousSo far as methane biogas is concerned, the winds of change would definitely seem to be blowing.. crossbody bags