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Published: Thursday 26 September, 2013

coats women coats women Do coats women you think government officials s coats women hould be held directly accountable for the consequences of their failure to safeguard public interests

accountable for the consequences of their failure to safeguardPoliticians are entrusted to set policy that protect the public interest. This may be something as simple as providing a transportation infrastructure or something as complicated as responding to global changes. For example, there are undeniably violent climatic changes occ coats women urring throughout the globe. The role of human influence in that process has been debated and thought probable. For those politicians responsible for setting policy related to addressing that concern, do you think that they should be required to back their positions with their lives? Specifically, those who claim there is no global warming and continue to support industries that produce greenhouse gases in large quantities should be required to take a back seat in the line for food. If all is well, then they are fed; however, if crop failures due to climatic changes produces food shortages, they should be the ones to go hungry. Naturally, this could apply to all sorts of aspects of government. If the economy fails. no paycheck. If peaceful negotiations fail. they are in the first wave of troops. Should they be held accountable in this manner?

We hear a lot about actions having consequences from our government in relation to North Korea and their antagonism toward the rest of the world. What consequences do you think they should be subject to and what consequences will they actually suffer?

Do you think Nakoula Basseley Nakoula should be held accountable for the deaths and riots due to Innocence of Muslims ?

A mining project in Western Australia has been blocked by government officials after the discovery of tiny, blind spiderlike creatures at the site. Do you think progress should be halted for this? coats women