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Published: Monday 23 September, 2013

coats canada goose coats canada goose Does world population growth to 7 billion threaten planet earth

Ever since we have began to revolutionise as a human race weve never considered the environmental impact of our actions. Its only been 30 years since we actually first took any precautions to ensure the safely of our planet for future generations and even that was not particularly influential. We as people have changed mentality, from a oh its cold, Ill put on a jumper sort of angle, to the less environmentally sound view of its cold, put the heating up to 26 not sure what that is in Technology, despite the many positives it brings to our lives, has also brought some negative effects too. It has caused us to rely on various gadgets and tech to simply get us through the day. Could you seriously imagine a world without all that stuff? To fuel our hunger for development and technological advancement weve had to squeeze every last drop of oil, gas or any other fossil fuel we can get our hands on and it has caught up on us. Now that weve realised that we could be jeopardising the fate of our childrens children, we expect a huge janitor to come to Earth and wipe the slate clean, a fresh start, while we still continue on our old, reckless path. I guarantee that it will not happen by itself. If we want to save our planet well need to do it by ourselves.

Who reading th coats canada goose is can honestly say that they recycle most of their waste? And who turns off all their appliances when theyre not in use? Who even thinks to turn down the heat or reduce the A/C when theyre at home? A minority of the people reading this can answer a clear yes to all three questions and in turn should congratulate themselves for such an extraordinary feat, especially in todays environment. But for those who answer one no or more to those questions shouldnt feel ashamed of themselves. You shouldnt be disheartened by what Ive just said. You are just a product of the society we currently thrive in. For those households in the middle to upper tax bracket, it is most strange for any one of them to not own a TV, a computer often one for each member, central heating or air conditioning depending on nationality, basic supplies water, electricity etc., lights or any surplus gadgets or necessities one might have that require electricity. In all honesty, we need electricity. And until we find a way of sustaining our current rate of development with renewable energy resources, we will only continue to drain Earths abundance of fossil fuels further.

As our population continues to rise, there will obviously be a greater demand for energy and electricity than there has ever been before in the past. Countries such as China and India, that were previously determined as LDAs, have kickstarted their economy and they are now growing at an exponential rate giving them the chance to become MDAs and have the potential to overtake the USA as the global superpower. As these countries develop they will require a larger and larger portion of the worlds fossil fuels as that will be necessary for their countrys growth. This will leave Europe and the US with smaller portions and therefore a bigger demand for other less reliable sources of energy like wind, tidal, wave and solar power. What I have argued before ties into the debate at hand because more and more people in countries such as China and India will demand their share of electricity. This will put enormous strain on our current nonrenewable fossil fuels and in turn on our planets environment due to CO2, greenhouse gases and landfill sites.

Now lets for a minute succumb to the illusion that the worlds environment is no longer under threat by human activity and lets say that our energy crisis has vanished into thin air. In this better world however there is still a rising population and quite frankly we are running out of room. All the most habitable places to live have been taken and LDAs with a huge population are overcrowding. Its simple math. The more people there are, the more space you need. That would be easy if we hadnt already taken the best places to live. The problem with locating a town just anywhere is that you need other towns and other countries to survive unless the town youve proposed is selfsufficient. To successfully construct a new town you need 5 main things that without you cannot ensure a successful life for its inhabitants. These things however, are not that easy to achieve. They are;

Water: A supply of either transported water or natural water treated to make it safe, which leads on to the next point.

Electricity: Needs to be connected to the national grid so it is able to supply power to homes, government service buildings, businesses and water treatment plants so people can have good, safe water.

Transport links: There needs to be access to your town from other places which means there should be roads and if possible rail services to this town in order to receive goods, to stock local markets and stores.

Housing obviously: As well as requiring willing people to live there. Who would want to move to a random town out in the country, when they could stay in their current town with friends and family and stay firmly anchored.

Services: Any town requires a fully functioning community willing to offer themselves for positions in certain jobs.

These 5 things are not all that you need to create a working town however they are the basics that are required. Many places that are barren and uninhabited are basically uninhabitable as one or more of these things cant be supplied to that area. So as more and more people are crammed into already populated areas, the need for new housing and new town is greater and greater. Most governments around the world will be struggling with this serious crisis as China has already clashed head on with this problem. So now on top of the lack of world resources and environmental damage issues, that our rising population has already caused, we have a crisis with overcrowding. There is definitely a threat to our planet Earth caused by our surplus population difficulties.

There isnt a quick fix to stop people from ruining the world for future generations but if we were somehow able to supply the world with renewable energy and sustainable growth the coats canada goose problem might decrease over time. But without doubt, our world is suffering the consequences of a large population and until we either stop the growth of this population or inhabit more of the planet, times are going to keep getting harder and the environment is going to keep suffering. 7 billion people now already share this Earth with you, just ignoring this problem by clicking no is not going to make it go away overnight.

It not the population growth that one needs to worry about. Take a good look at the entire Earth. There are a multitude of places that can be converted into towns and cities. Just look at Las Vegas. It a city in the middle of a desert.

The population growth to 7 billion doesn threaten planet Earth any more than a pencil causes a person to misspell a word or a gun makes a person shoot another. It what people do to the Earth that makes a difference.

Any environmental threat will definitely coats canada goose affect sustainability to human and other life. But, unless there is something that causes the planet to explode, those affects won threaten this rock we live on.

The magnetic field that surrounds our planet might be an exception. It what causes our planet to benefit from the influences of the Sun. The one thing we can all count on in our lives is that everything changes. Constantly. We might not be aware of it because our sense of time is tempered by the length of our existence.

There been talk lately of an upcoming pole shift and speculations about what that means, as if it were an unexpected occurrence. It has happened on the Earth many times over the guessed age of our planet. NASA. There will be tragedy, no doubt But, to whom?

Tragedy or good fortune is in the eye of the beholder. A disaster to one person can be a speed bump to someone else. It is often the perspective that we choose that determines whether we bend with the wind or break off in it.

A population growth that exceeds the decided norm means that sloppy management of resources can be more readily seen. It means that ordinary people, the masses, must step up and be more responsible with their use of water, pollutants and food production.

Corporations and the wealthy are responsible for leading people into good management of the environment. They lead by example. Ordinary people are responsible for expecting and reinforcing this type of leadership. What example are our wealthy and corporate leaders giving? Failure in this leads to anarchy.

The number of people alive on the Earth interacts with current environmental aspects and processes. The way we handle such numbers of people and how we interact with the Earth makes all the difference in the quality of life of people and the planet. The Earth will outlast us all, however. The real question is, can we survive each other? coats canada goose