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basket compensees isabel marant

Published: Thursday 05 September, 2013

basket compensees isabel marant basket compensees isabel marant Dick Cheney Knows Traitor When He Sees One

Dick Cheney called Edward Snowden a traitor for revealing classified information about the illegal NSA domestic spying pro basket compensees isabel marant gram. He ought to know: he sees one every tim basket compensees isabel marant e he looks in the mirro basket compensees isabel marant r. Just ask Valerie Plame, whose classified identity was outed by the neocon traitors when her husband revealed the lies about the Niger yellow cake the neocons used to help launch an illegal preemptive war against Iraq. That illegal war crippled more than 30,000 US soldiers, not to mention our economy for the next 20 years to pay the war debt to the Chinese that has accumulated in the trillions.

Ironic that Snowden fled to Hong Kong and Cheney has raised questions about Snowden decision to flee to Hong

Kong, suggesting he may be sharing sensitive information with the

Chinese government. He hinted that Snowden could even be a Chinese spy.

I suspicious because he went to China. That not a place where

you would ordinarily want to go if you are interested in freedom,

liberty and so forth, Cheney said. It raises questions whether or not

he had that kind of connection before he did this.

Imagine, the DICK who helped cripple the US military and our economy raising questions about traitors. It kind of raises questions who the biggest DICK of all time was working for. The Russians should give DICK the Order of Lenin and the Chinese should call him Peking DICK. But, to me, Dick will alway be the WHORE OF BABYLON. basket compensees isabel marant

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