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Published: Friday 02 August, 2013

authentic designer handbags authentic designer handbags Global warming may threaten Amazon

Dr Mat Collins, from the Meteorological Office in Reading, Berkshire, said the chances of this happening were between 10 and 20 per cent, according to preliminary data.

S authentic designer handbags uch an El nino event would have a drastic effect on rainfall in the Amazon, causing the forests lush vegetation to wither and die within 50 years.

S authentic designer handbags ince authentic designer handbags vegetation helped to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the Amazons loss would raise CO2 levels by 2030 per cent.

Although the forecast seemed extreme, it could happen even if global warming remained within current predicted levels, said Dr Collins.

Speaking at the British Association Festival of Science at the University of Salford, he said: El nino is a natural phenomenon that occurs every three to seven years.

What happens when we increase greenhouse gases is we have more of these events.

This particular model has the most extreme super El nino events, but it also has the best relationship between el nino and the Amazon. In some ways, therefore, the model was especially realistic, said Dr Collins. authentic designer handbags