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Published: Tuesday 03 September, 2013

winter coat sale winter coat sale Do you think global warming is real

My opinion on the matter of global warming is that it is a very real threat to Mother Earth that we should by no means take lightly.

< winter coat sale br />I have noticed that every summer is hotter than the one before. Ive lived Texas since I was a child and I am quite used to the heat. But, Im becoming concerned with winter coat sale the extremely noticeable temperature differences from one summer to the next.

I have also watched numerous documentaries on the Discovery channel on the subject. I do not see how it is not real. None of us want it to be true. It breaks my heart to think about. But if we do not think about the possibility that global warming is a very real threat, then how can we possibly come up with a viable solution?

Well , that is my humble opinion. Thank you for taking the time to read my answer.

The media makes the mistake of trying to present a balanced view of scientific issues, even when 95% of scientists believe one thing and 5% believe the other.

The overwhelming evidence is that global warming is happening. There is legitimate debate however about how fast the levels are rising greenhouse gases and what effects they will have as they go up.

Regardless, we are nearing the end of the temperate cycle between ice ages most of the time the Earth is in an ice age period that lasts about 55,000 years, and in between those there are typically temperate periods of 11,000 years or so.

So if we dont cook ourselves to death, causing major droughts and famines, well probably freeze to death in the next thousand years or so.

winter coat sale the hype and our sincere but deceived. Manmade CO2 is a very small, pretty much insignificant greenhouse gas. The ocean contributes most and dead leaves / vegatation and animals each contribute much more CO2 to our atmosphere than do humans, even with all our factories, cars, etc. etc. put together. Additionally CO2 does not drive temperature. It is not even the leading greenhouse gas, water vapor is.

No, our planet is warmed by the sun.

Now, is it warmer now than it was at other times, yes. Did humans cause this, NO!

Yet, if politicians can tax people for it THEY WILL! If so called scientists can build a career around it or get a hefty government grant because of it THEY WILL!

This is modern day snake oil and as the old saying went a sucker is born every minute. The sad thing about this is that belief in this can be an is very destructive. Many people in developing countries are denied electricity due to eviromental wackos who are holding them down! Using ethenol for fuel, means food costs MORE for the poor. winter coat sale