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Published: Saturday 31 August, 2013

sneakers online store sneakers online store Answers on Green Energy

New York City: What are some things the outside world would be surprised to learn about New York City?

sneakers online store New York City density and its increasingly vertical habitation, combined with one of the most efficient public transportation networks ever designed, makes the carbon footprint of the average New Yorker among the smallest in the world.

Population density also lowers energy and water use, reduces family size, limits the consumption of all kinds sneakers online store of goods, reduces ownership of sneakers online store wasteful appliances, decreases the generation of solid waste, and forces most residents to live in some of the worlds most inherently energyefficient residential structures: apartment buildings. In these buildings, hundreds of people share the same plumbing, sewer, electricity, gas and utility services; a vast infrastructure that would otherwise cover hundreds of square miles of land.

As a result, New Yorkers have the smallest carbon footprints in the United States: 7.1 metric tons of greenhouse gases per person per year, or less than 30 percent of the national average. Manhattanites generate even less. sneakers online store