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Published: Monday 29 July, 2013

shop isabel marant boots shop isabel marant boots ´╗┐Anonymous demands a full pardon for NSA whistleblower Snowden

News sites have been buzzing over Edward Snowden, the 29yearold former federal government contract worker who revealed the vast secret surveillance program of the National Security Agency NSA. Snowden was fired on Monday for revealing these secrets, and the Justice Department is preparing charges against the whistleblower. Some members of Anonymous, the shop isabel marant boots group of hackivists, announced on Tuesday that Snowden deserves a full pardon.Edward Snowden should be immediately issued a full, free, and absolute pardon for any crimes he has committed related to exposing secret and illegal NSA surveillance programs, a YouTube video using the hash tag OPSnowdenJustice states. The group asks people, as a start to sign a White House petition demanding a pardon for Snowden. The petition has received 60,000 signatures in two days.

The short Anonymous video includes numerous clips referring to George Orwells novel, 1984, which has had sales skyrocket in the last few days. Citizens, this is the time to stand up, the v shop isabel marant boots ideo states. Do not continue to beg the empty suits in Washington for your safety.

Snowden is currently on the run, having left his high paying job, his home, his girlfriend, his family and his future to expose the actions of the NSA.

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