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Published: Thursday 18 July, 2013

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Southern Company Plant Bowen in Cartersville, Georgiam in an aerial file photograph, Sept. 4, 2007. REUTERS/Chris BaltimoreWhen President Barack Obama announces his new climate change plan Tuesday, he will be addressing a v price of michael kors purse oting public that, despite conventional wisdom, is ready to embrace his key proposal: Environmental Protection Agency regulation of carbon emissions from existing power plants.Since the failure to pass capandtrade in 2009, Washington conventional wisdom has held that any effort to curb the carbon emissions that contribute to global warming will be met by a skeptical electorate. But this misunderstands the publics nuanced view.Most polls show that the percenta price of michael kors purse ge of Americans who think that climate change is happening and being driven by human activity is at its highest levels since 2007. In fact, 65 percent of voters support the president taking significant steps to address climate change now, according to a recent poll by theBut the devil is in the details, as a February Duke University study shows. Though public support for capandtrade or a carbon tax are tepid 30 to 35 percent support, with about the same percentage opposing, Americans overwhelmingly support regulating greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and factories 65 percent support versus 14 percent oppose. Environmental Protection Agency EPA and state regulators face issues, like climate change, that are complex from all angles: scientific, economic and political.This complexity makes Gina McCarthy, President Obamas nominee for EPA Administrator, precisely the kind of leader the agency needs. McCarthy is a strong environmental advocate, but she is pragmatic about how to achieve an end. She has worked across the aisle and with industry leaders to accomplish the EPAs goals. As an executive at Intel, Ive worked with McCarthy over the past four years, while she led the EPAs Office of Air and Radiation. She is a problem solver who relies on science, economics and common sense. During her tenure, Ms. Jackson was frequently denounced by GOP members of Congress and all too often reined in by Obama. Despite his and Congress failure to pass legislation addressing global warming, Ms. Jackson advanced a regulatory agenda to pick up some of the slack.She managed to see that fuel efficiency standards will increase by 2025, enact stricter pollution controls that must be met before any construction of new coalfired power plants, and established EPAs endangerment finding, bringing carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases GHGs under the Clean Air Act. Her departure, however, highlights the failings of the Obama administration to address global warming in a significant way. In his second term, the president can change that by pushing to enact a carbon tax.A carbon tax would place a fee on polluters that emit GHGs like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. It should be applied at major sources of GHG emissions: coalfired power plants, petroleum refineries and importers, natural gas processors, and cement, steel, and GHGintensive chemical plants.This is an attempt to gain political leverage after deep divisions within the Democ price of michael kors purse ratic Party appeared when 26 Democratic senators rebelled earlier this month and voted for an amendment to the budget resolution barring capandtrade being considered as part of the budget. competence in Snowden sagaLebanon faces tumult after deadliest Syriarelated clashes price of michael kors purse