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Published: Thursday 22 August, 2013

outlet designer bags outlet designer bags Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases short on detail

posted by Karen Hampson

One agriculturerelated outcome of the climate change conference in Copenhagen was the launch of The Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases. Millions of dollars have been pledged, with the aim of supporting research into reducing greenhouse gas outlet designer bags emissions f outlet designer bags rom agriculture while ensuring our longterm food needs are met.

Sounds like good news, especially as countries as diverse as Chile, Denmark, Ghana, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia are on board. However, I could find little detail about how agriculture is defined eg industrial, smallscale? or what types of techniques will be researched. Will it mean investment in GMOs, or could it open the door for widespread research into organic farming? outlet designer bags The Ecologist, as ever, has a viewpoint on the outcome of Copenhagen for agriculture some of the points in a recent article click here are relevant as a critique of the Research Alliance too.

This is one initiative we hope to hear from more soon.


Videoreport on conference Future of Family Farming By Mireille The Copenhagen summit in December 2009 may have failed in reaching clear commitments, the ileia conference on the Future of Family Farming on 15 December certainly did not. The One World Award. An initiative of IFOAM and Rapunzel Naturkost AG a German organic food manufacturer, the various award categories recognise. outlet designer bags