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Published: Friday 30 August, 2013

outdoor wear outdoor wear ETRM Wiki

Energy is most often used in the context of energy resources, their development, consumption, depletion, and conservation. Since economic activities such as man outdoor wear ufacturing and transportation can be energy intensive, energy efficiency, energy dependence, energy security and price are key concerns. Increased awareness of the effects of global warming has led to international debate and action for the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions.

I outdoor wear n the context of natural science, energy can take several different forms: thermal, chemical, electrical, radiant, nuclear, etc. These are often grouped as being either kinetic energy or potential energy. Many of these forms can be readily transformed into another with the help of a device; from chemical energy to electrical energy using a battery, for example. Most of our available energy outdoor wear comes from the sun. The enormous potential for energy is expressed by the famous equation E = mc2.

The concepts of energy and its transformations are useful in explaining natural processes. Meteorological phenomena like wind, rain, lightning and tornadoes all result from energy transformations brought about by solar energy on the planet. Life itself is critically dependent on biological energy transformations; organic chemical bonds are constantly broken and made to make the exchange and transformation of energy possible. outdoor wear