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Published: Friday 09 August, 2013

outdoor coats outdoor coats Do you think Edward Snowden

I have read many post chastising him for leaving the county. You would not know about this scandal if he didnt leave. Do you really think the main stream media would have published this? All of the scandals you are reading about now are very old news from before the last ellection. The only reason you are hearing about them now is because there are congressional hearings going on.

Snowden had to turn to the UK press to get coverage. The UK press has been providing much better press about the current scandals then our own. Snowden needed to be in a place he felt safe while shopping his story or he would have been picked up as soon as he started. I would like to think that I would have the courage to return after getting the story out. That is if I would have blown the whistle to start with.

I am not sure if he is a hero or not. Many people who do not rely on the main stream media for their news knew what was going on though perhaps not to the extent he described.

I believe it comes down to this. Yes the information has been gathered for years. Yes there are safeguards in place to see that it is not abused or used for targeting people or groups. Just like at the IRS. Does that make you feel safe now?

Hello Mr. Holder, Hello Mr. Clapper.

It is true that many of the scandals they are reading about now are very old news from before the last election. The difference is it was often not confirmed by government.

On that same note outdoor coats I d outdoor c outdoor coats oats ont feel the government minds as much as they let on. Especially since they appear still unwilling to let go of the power to spy on citizens and desire to continue expansion of their sphere of influence. outdoor coats

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