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Published: Wednesday 31 July, 2013

michael michael kors outlet stores michael michael kors outlet stores A question for those who are fans of and

As some of you know, I do not think much of George W. Bush and his performance as President of this country, however, I believe that any President still has positive qualities as seen by the people who support him. To those who support or have supported George W. Bush, what positive qualities does he bring to the office of the Presidency? As his second term draws to a close, what do you think are his administrations greatest accomplishments?

Here are some ground rules. I would strongly like to hear from Bush supporters, so please do not take an answer slot if you do not fit that criteria. Obviously, I cant police the DB, but please dont post inflammatory things like Bush is an idiot. Have an opinion beyond namecalling if you intend to present an opposing view.

Lastly, I will give a blanket 5 star rating to Bush supporters who share their honest opinions in the answer slots. This is not a bait or a joke. I am sincerely interested in hearing from you. Thanks in advance, all

1. He handled 9/11 incredibly well.

2. Before the Democratic majority Congress kicked in, inflation was starting to come under control, and those of us who wanted to help others were able to afford to. Taxes were held steady.

3. He has balanced diplomacy with a war against terror not an easy tightrope to walk.

4. He was not alone in believing the reports about Iraq and WMD the majority of folk on BOTH sides of the congressional aisle did, and supported the Presidents decision to go into Iraq initially.

5. He has quietly stood up to mountains of ignorant criticisms from people who have not known the entire story or simply believed the bits and pieces the media puts out.

6. He has employed a master of diplomacy in Condi Rice.

7. His unpopular decision regarding the surge in Iraq has worked and there is now a timetable for withdrawal of American forces something he has been working for for a long while, but which the media has not bothered reporting.

8. Despite tabloid garbage, he has kept his family life private, protecting his daughters, especially, from the press even when they have done normal stupid young people things.

9. He has made consistent efforts to control Congressional spending. Not always successfully, but he has tried. There will be comments about this in particular, especially regarding the war in Iraq. Keep in mind that if we had gone into Viet Nam to WIN, we would have, but there was never enough support to get the thing over and done with immediately and thus far more lives were lost and money wasted than might have been. Learning from that, Bush and Congress, too, have put more into Iraq, which is now getting ready to stand on its own feet.

10. He stood up to the nonsense of the Kyoto Protocol. Greenhouse gases are being produced by the sun, which has been measured as warming for somewhere between 50 and 100 years, heating equatorial waters and thus releasing from them more carbon dioxide. There is NOTHING we can do about this! If someone things we are responsible for the earth warming, then will they take responsibility for the fact that warming trends have been noted on Mars and Uranus, too?

Keep in mind that the President is privy to a lot more knowledge than you or I. He has not panicked in the face of terrorist attacked and has not hidden from massive criticisms Monday morning quarterbacking is a favorite American sport, right?. He has stood up for what he has considered right whether or not we agree with him, has attempted to keep the economy under some kind of control, and has worked to keep terrorism off our shores.

I think if you look at the before taking office and after pictures of ANY President you will see the toll it takes on a man willing to take on the job.

Terrorism has been running rampant for year michael michael kors outlet stores s. And has previously been handled as a police ac michael michael kors outlet stores tion with little or no success. embassies in Nairobi and Tanzania, The Bombing of the USS Cole and the first attack on the World Trade Center. Our response to all this was virtually nothing. Oh sure we blew up an aspirin factory in the middle of the night, and we sued Libya for killing 189 Americans on Pan Am 103, but hardly anything to make it stop. On 9/11/2001 Bush said enough. We will tolerate no more attacks and senseless killing of Americans. If you attack America there is a price to pay.

The terrorists were not expecting to get this response and for the first time since WWII we stood up for ourselves and struck back. Whether you agree with Iraq or not the the response there was in keeping with this new policy of defending ourselves. The Iraqis had lost a war and violated the terms of their surrender. They continued to defy the terms of the peace agreement and continued fi michael michael kors outlet stores re on our air support. This was not just another rogue regime that we decided to overthrow but rather a legitimate response to a violation of their peace agreement. Both Afghanistan and Iraq have cost us dearly but the continuing attacks over the past few decades had taken a toll as well. The fact that we have not been attacked since 9/11 is testimony to the success of this new policy.

The economy suffered severely from both the Dot Com bust and the 9/11 attacks. The recovery that we experienced over the next six years can be credited to the Bush tax cuts. The housing bust and the oil crisis have taken us back this year. We can get past this but it will require some attention to why we have the problem rather than a simplistic blame game.

I believe that Bush has given us the ability to move back into global affairs without the weakness we have shown over the past 35 years. If Iraq and Afghanistan are successful I believe history will look favorably on Bush. If Iraq were to deteriorate into the hands of terrorists or Iran, it will only increase the likelihood of more attacks against us. We have the ability to control the outcome of these events. I only hope we dont let emotion and hatred cloud our judgement michael michael kors outlet stores