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Published: Wednesday 17 July, 2013

michael kors wholesale outlet michael kors wholesale outlet ´╗┐American Hugs and Royalty Rituals

The Queen of England may or may not follow custom as she sees fit. Americans should act in the same respectful, deferential manner which we direct toward all others; especially to the elderly. But we are not held to bowing, curtseying, addressing monarchs as Your Highness. Speaking of all this nonsense, why in the world do Americans refer to Elton John as Sir Elton or Paul McCartney as Sir? Knights of the British realm are not titled once they enter the United States where the trappings of nobility were thrown out centuries ago. To refer to these people, no matter how gifted, as Sir is a mere affectation that should mean nothing to free men and women.

Comment by Dennis R. White of WA

Hooray for Michelle!! The Queen probably loved the hug . maybe the first one shes had in years! I realize protocol is a necessary evil in these days, but the warmth shown by these two women should bring a smile to many in the world. We all are, after all, human beings who need to behave more humanly in these times. I applaud them both.

Comment by Charlene Hayward of OR

While I understand your questioning of royalty protocol, one should remember that a monarch in the XXI century deserves respect not necessarily due to political statute, but because they carry a family legacy of unwavering commitment and responsibility to a nation, ideals, etc. In this case the Queen has fought more for freedom and decency than most presidents can ever dream of. In 1943 then Princess Elizabeth was changing tires for British war trucks during the war effort. She has seen fascism and communism brought down, the breakup of the British Empire, then later on in life at around 7879, she bought her own iPod and streams her own videos on her website. I, for one, remain stunned in admiration of Queen Elizabeth for the incredible dedication she has shown this ever changing world.

Comment by Adam of DC

It seems that we as citizens of the United States are always trying to find fault with something or someone, especially a new elected President of the United States and his wife, the First Lady. Yes, I have capitalized First Lady, though according to this article it should not be since it is not a title. First Lady has been what the wife of the president has been called for several decades. Maybe it is time we do something constructive, like getting the first lady approved as a title with a bill going before congress.

Comment by Carol Sisk of TN

Her highness is human too. As the years have progressed, she has displayed other actions that attest to her having come to terms both with her royal station and with the reality that her subjects, and those who are not, are human also and do not always follow protocol in the spontaneity of the moment. In my own mind I think that this particular instance displays that her highness may be well aware of protocol, but also knows when it matters and when it is not the most important thing she can demand of her subjects and foreigners to observe. Even loyal customers like me realize GM is so out of touch with reality, nothing can save them. The Volt is grossly overpriced and will not generate enough sales against the competition to make a difference. And gee, go figure, its not the 1960s and 1970s anymore; a 2door Camaro was great when I was in my 20s but when Im in my 60s?

Comment by Dan Golder of AZ

Im strongly considering purchasing an American car over a foreign car. The Americanbuilt cars have finally caught up in styling and quality, and frankly, the quality of Toyotas, Hondas, and Nissans has dropped lately. I personally own a 2000 Lexus RX and a 2004 Nissan Maxima. The Lexus needed a new transmission at 78K and has had a host of other issues. The Maxima has 58k and the transmission already feels like it slips. I think the Japanese companies have been sitting on their laurels, and its time to jump ship. I had quite a few Americanmade cars in the past such as the Chevy Malibu, Chevy Citation, and Eagle Talon, and although they didnt hold up as well, none of them were so bad that I spent a lot on repairs. The costliest repair was the alternators. But I have to say that Ive spent way more on Japanese cars. I had the transmission go in the Lexus and I had a transmission go in my 87 Honda Accord. So for my next car Im looking at a Ford Mustang GT. I could care less about hybrids. I think they are a hard sell with gas under $3. If politicians want us in hybrids, they need to let us write the entire cost off on our taxes, perhaps over 10 years. Its a shame that the big 3 have put themselves in the position that they have to let the government dictate how to run the company. I think if anything that will be the michael kors wholesale outlet michael kors wholesale outlet catalyst that brings on their demise.

Comment by Joe Cap of NM

I have never owned anything other than an Americanmade car. My first was a 1995 Ford Ranger, which had a few minor issues that are expected when the vehicle has an excess of 150,000 miles. I drove that truck to 219,000 miles and never had a major failure until I wrecked it. I sold it to a friend who pulled out the front end and replaced a few smashed parts, and now he drives it, same engine and transmission. Now I drive a 2003 Ranger with 127,000 miles, and it has no real problems other than a noisy power steering pump. You just have to maintain your vehicle, and it will last. I will only buy American until I die. It seems the people that complain about the economy are the same people that buy foreign cars. Go figure.

Comment by David Langston, TX

At the moment I own a Ford Escort, which hasnt been a bad car at all. Nonetheless, my next car will be either a Honda Insight or a Toyota Prius. The American auto industry has been, frankly, a lousy corporate citizen a par with the American banking and financial industries. We do not do our country any favors by blindly rewarding the arrogance and incompetence of a GM any more than we do paying bonuses to the CEOs of AIG. For decades we maintained wellearned leadership in the area of industrial quality. That has completely fallen apart over the past few decades. If Detroit wants my money, they can quit churning out their SUVs, Hummers, and other destructive vehicles, and design and produce small, efficient cars of engineering excellence. I am perfectly willing to buy American things being equal, Id prefer it other things are not even close to being equal. My fellow citizens can improve the quality of their work or lose out to others who do better. Why is it we talk so much about the virtues of competition and then whine when the Japanese or whomever play us off the field? If you want me to support America, demand excellence of Americans.

Comment by Lance Wilcox of IL

If car companies want to sell cars they need to start being honest with consumers rather than trying to hold prices up high. If they want to sell me a car they will have to do it with honest price cuts. They need to stop all these gimmicks they are using to try to fool consumers. They can sell cars if they will sell them at prices the market dictates.

Comment by Jerry M. News and you write about how we should all go green, how the American economy is struggling and yet your editor Brian Kelly brags how you are helping going green by buying paper with low emissions of greehouse gases made from trees in Canada. If you truly want to help the American economy and be part of the solution and not part of the problem and still stay green, why dont you buy from an American paper mill that uses 70% post consumer waste with zero greenhouse gases and prevents over 600 tons a day from going to landfills? This paper mill also makes all of Rachel Raes paper for her monthly magazine. How do I know all this, bec michael kors wholesale outlet ause I am an American worker at Madison Paper mill which is located in the midwestern hub of United States of America in Alsip Ill. 30 miles south of Chicago. Steve Bell Manteno Ill.

The titles that Queen Elizabeth II gives to her subjects such as Sir, Dame and Lord are for many years of exceptional service and her own ones are part of her job description. the monarchy remains because the parliament hasnt found a consensus to change it, not because it should or shouldnt exist. essentially the power of the monarchy as a major political force was ended after the glorious revolution in about 1666, the aristocracy lost most of its power during the 1800s. as a Royal subject in NZ she is separately, Queen of New Zealand, the real benefit is not having another layer of expensive empirebuilding bureaucrats in government but instead a nocost Queen about 20000 km away. michael kors wholesale outlet

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