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Published: Monday 22 July, 2013

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AS delegates to a climate conference in Bangkok last week debate how to reduce greenhouse gases, one of the problems and a possible solution lies in the longchamp tote bag outlet rice fields that cover much of Thailand, the rest of Asia and beyond. Methane emissions from flooded rice paddies contribute to global warming just as coalfired power plants, automobile exhausts and other sources do with the carbon dioxide they spew into the atmosphere. In fact, the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC meeting in Bangkok concludes that rice production was a main cause of rising methane emissions in the 20th century. It calls for better controls. Methane emissions are unique to rice, said Reiner Wassmann, a climate change specialist at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines. If Asian countries are exploring possibilities to r longchamp tote bag outlet educe greenhouse gas, they have to look at rice production. Im not saying its the biggest source, but in Asia its a source that cannot be neglected. Its the bacteria that thrive in flooded paddies that produce methane, by decomposing manure used as fertiliser and other organic matter in the oxygenfree environment. The gas is emitted through the plants or directly into the atmosphere. A molecule of methane is 21 times more potent than a molecule of carbon dioxide as a heattrapping gas. Although carbon dioxide is still the bigger problem, representing 70% of the warming potential in the atmosphere, rising levels of methane now account for 23%, reports the US Environmental Protection Agency. After decades of atmospheric buildup, methane also emitted naturally from wetlands and from other manmade sources, such as landfills and cattle farming has levelled off in the past few years. Some scientists credit changes in rice production, and some also trace it to r longchamp tote bag outlet epairs in oil and gas storage facilities that can leak methane. A 2005 study by US scientists focused on China, which produces a third of the worlds rice and where rice fields have shrunk by 10 million ha in the past decade as farmers shifted to other crops and abandoned marginal land. The study also found that nitrogenbased fertiliser has replaced manure, and many Chinese farmers are using less water on their fields. For Asians, modifying rice production might prove easier and cheaper than some of the other fixes proposed in the IPCC report, such as switching from coal to solar, wind power or other renewable energy sources. But despite the recent levelling off, the EPA projects that global methane emissions will rise again, as rice fields expand with growing populations. Wassmann said few countries have followed Chinas example, instead ignoring such solutions as periodically draining their fields or shifting to locations that need less water. Scientists say such measures pose the same challenge for poor countries as proposals to introduce environmentally friendly tilling methods or capping methane from livestock manure: Farmers often lack the funds and knowhow to shift away from techniques in use for generations. Thailand, the worlds largest rice exporter, shows both the promise and limitations of trying to make the industry greener. Most large mills here burn leftover rice husks for power a more climate friendly source than coal or oil and are increasingly selling excess power back to the state. Instead of letting it rot in the fields and produce bad gas, we burn it and make use of it, said Rut Subniran, executive chairman of the Patum Rice Mill and Granary outside Bangkok. But a few kilometers away, impoverished rice farmers have largely ignored government calls to periodically drain their fields to help reduce methane emissions. Busy harvesting the latest crop, some blamed tradition and habit, but others said draining the fields was just too costly. AP Related Stories: longchamp tote bag outlet