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Published: Thursday 26 September, 2013

longchamp le pliage medium bag longchamp le pliage medium bag Forestry vital to climate deal

Environment Minister John Gormley has admitted that science has yet to come up with solutions on how to reduce carbon dioxide from the sector, which is respon longchamp le pliage medium bag sible for 27pc of all of Irelands emissions.

New figures from the Environmental Protection Agency EPA show that agriculture emissions are falling, but unless forestry is included in a global deal to curb the worst effects of climate change the falls going forward may only be marginal.

But Minister Gormley, who is in Copenhagen at a UN summit aimed at securing a global deal to reduce emissions, said that science would have to look at how to limit the amount of agriculturally produced methane.

Agriculture is responsible for about 28pc of our emissions, he said. When it comes to agriculture, science will have to look at ways of limiting methane, which is a very powerful greenhouse gas. Im confident, because of the necessity to longchamp le pliage medium bag do this, that we will come up with solutions.

Agriculture is recognised as a significant contributor to greenhouse gases, making up 14pc of the worlds emissions according to the UNs Food and Agriculture Organisation.

However, by planting forest at home and abroad, some of the carbon generated could be absorbed, which means that food production would not be adversely impacted.

But if forestry is not allowed, it could mean that half the national herd would have to be culled, which would devastate rural communities.

Assuming a deal is reached in Denmark, agriculture will have to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20pc by 2020.

Politically it has been put on the table that agriculture and food production will have to be treated differently, said ICOSs Ray Doyle.

Methane and carbon dioxide from farming can only be cut by cutting food production, which will impact on people. If we get a 20pc cut in emissions from Copenhagen, the longchamp le pliage medium bag only way to achieve it is to cut the herd. That would be devastating for Ireland. Its not as simple as cutting 20pc of the 7.5m cattle.

If forestry is not accepted, were in deep trouble. If you allow forestry, you dont reduce emissions you just offset. Reductions in agriculture will have to be done quickly but we dont know how were going to do it. longchamp le pliage medium bag