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Published: Saturday 10 August, 2013

longchamp bag sale uk longchamp bag sale uk Former consultant puts his faith in gold

Using the training and experience he gained working for three years as a commodities broker in Florida, he has established Gold Coins Canada to sell investmentgrade gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

It just kind of opened my eyes to a whole new way of thin longchamp bag sale uk king about investing, he says of his experience buying and selling commodities for clients. You dont have to have all your money in mutual funds or in the stock market. You can put your money in tangible assets.

Kacarevic is not alone in espousing the value of gold as one of those assets. financial pundit Jim Rogers has predicted gold, which is currently selling for more than $1,200 US an ounce, is on its way to $2,000.

Also touting golds glitter is Canadas Sprott Asset Management LP, which started investing in it 10 years ago when the price was around $300 an ounce.

I expect gold to trade at several multiples of the current price before this bull market breathes its last breath, Sprotts chief investment strategist, John Embry, says in a report updated last month.

But like any other investment, gold comes with no guarantees, cautions Dan Hallett, director of asset management for HighView Financial Group.

Over the past 40 years, its value has increased three to four per cent above the rate of inflation, but very inconsistently, he says. Its longchamp bag sale uk very volatile. . . . My overall conclusion is its a worthwhile thing to hold as a part of a diversified portfolio. Its not part of every portfolio Id put together.

A rough guideline for those who want to invest in gold to offset their exposure to the stock market is to invest 10 to longchamp bag sale uk 15 per cent of what they have in equities in gold, says Hallett.

He also points out that it is demand for gold as an investment that is driving the price up.

Investment demand is not very steady. Does gold have any intrinsic value? I dont think so. I think it has value as long as people are fearful.

While there are several ways to invest in gold from goldbacked certificates to owning stock in goldmining firms, for Kacarevic and other purists, the only way to own gold is to buy it in a form they can hold in their hands.

He doesnt deal in collectible coins or jewelry. He sells only governmentissued coins and bars.

Like many dealers, Kacarevic makes his money by collecting a commission on each sale. He charges seven to eight per cent above the spot prices. That puts his prices below those of bigger dealers and is the reason he can compete, he says. longchamp bag sale uk