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Published: Monday 09 September, 2013

gucci outlet online gucci outlet online ´╗┐Environmental threat from SMIs must be looked into

MIRI: Budget 2013 must address the growing threat of environmental and air pollution caused by small and medium industries SMIs and manufacturing plants.

They are contributing a big portion of the pollution threat, further compounding existing pollution coming from industrial giants, said Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin.

This should apply to all states throughout Malaysia because there were clear signs that air and environmental pollution was a gucci outlet online growing concern nationwide, he said.

The Governments desire to see industries going green must be extended to cover SMIs and not just the big ones. This is because SMIs are the ones contributing a bigger portion of the environmental and air pollution today.

Even small workshops and small factories are emitting large amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is a cause for worry. As such, whatever financial incentives being offered to the big industries to use greener technology must be extended to SMIs too.

My ministry has proposed that double tax cuts be accorded to every industrial player willing to switch to green technology such as to replace existing conventional lightings with solarpowered bulbs, he said.

Saying that many smallscale players also needed financial aid to go green, Chin suggested that rebates in taxes be given to those who had truly applied green technology in their daily operations.

The minister said the Government should always initiate the first mo gucci outlet online ve in encouraging industrial players to be greener in their daily operations.

This must come in the form of financial incentives such as attractive tax breaks, he said. Chin, who is Miri MP and SUPP president, urged banks and financial institutions to be more proactive in ensuring the success of the green campaign.

He suggested that they make it easier for new industries to secure gucci outlet online loans meant for going green technology that would help reduce electricity usage and emission of greenhouse gases as well as other pollutants. gucci outlet online

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