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Published: Monday 19 August, 2013

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Space Exploration: Where should manned exploration programs focus first, the Moon or Mars edit: it necessary to scroll to the bottom and beyond to see most Mars opinionEvery year meteor showers visit the earth, burning up vast quantities of valuable resources that could instead be nudged slightly to drop into stable earth orbit. If space factories travelled with the meteor streams, they could produce satellites etc that would annually be delivered to the appropriate Earth orbits.

These can increase, until we have citysized orbital facilities.

Once we have that, we can look seriously at colon discount sneakers online izing larger bodies!

EDIT Threw this concept at a presenter for one of the asteroid mining firms Deep Space Industries and his response was that the meteroids are too small and finicky for easy mining they rather get a large solid asteroid that can be moved easily. So sadly this idea not practical, at least at the moment :

P. McRell

Chasing small asteroids on Earth impact trajectories? While I have seen descriptions of several asteroid mining ventures none have this model. Can you show me one?

Unless I missing something, this is exponentially more expensive and difficult than colonizing Mars and using Phobos as a supply base for mining the asteroid belt.

Now discount sneakers online O L5 colony plans that would be great too, but it still isn an asteroid chaser.

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US Space Program: Do the benefits garnered from the American space program outweigh the total cost to date?

< discount sneakers online br />The Space Program? Yes. The US Space Program? Maybe not.

Human population doubles every century, the size of the economy doubles every few years: the environment is already starting to give way at the edges. We need to move the bulk of our industry and much of our population off this planet before we break it.

The US Space Program though has been rudderless since the Moon landings.

Unreliable funding, outdated projects built in vital electorates and a lack of political leadership means that the US isn getting value for money. This is part of a general problem that the USA needs to address though: how to efficiently administer government resources. The sheer size of the US economy means that it is an order of magnitude greater than anywhere else excepting possibly the eurozone, and Brussels has shown that they couldn administer their way out of a paper bag.

What cool things can we do with a permanent base on the Moon?

Fly 1/6th gravity means that you could strap wings on your arms and fly around your habitats.

Stay mobile during old age low gravity not only allows the elderly to walk, it also means that falls are not as serious as they are on earth.

Honeymoon a tortured pun I granted you, but once lunar tourism is established, I predict that honeymooning couples will be the mainstay: the moon has always been consider romantic.

Supply orbital factories The low escape velocity makes the Moon a far better choice than Earth for supplying raw materials. Of course, the meteor showers and asteroids may prove even more economical.

Astronomy the permanently dark craters at the south pole would be ideal for an observatory, and that where the water is, so the first bases will be planted there.

What are the pros and cons of sending prisoners to build our permanent base on the Moon?

Pros we get rid of some criminals.

Cons they need to be sufficiently well educated to fulfil the task, they need to be motivated to do the task, they need to resourceful enough to deal with problems that arise, they need to be insufficiently resourceful to misuse the resources for their own ends, or to blackmail us by holding the multibillion dollar base hostage.

The worst problem is that we want to discourage people from committing crimes; the thought that if caught, they have a chance at going into space and becoming famous, would encourage people to commit crimes in the hope that they could become astronauts.

If you want nonstandard astronauts, I suggest pensioners. Operating in 1/6th gravity means they get a new lease of life and mobility, you can select from a pool of incredibly experienced people, their shrunken size means they cheaper to move into orbit, and if they die on the Moon you don need to bring them home. I love to spend my twilight years building a moonbase, and be buried there.

If on the other hand, you trying to get rid of criminals, consider the number of 3rd world villages that run themselves, but lack basic literacy skills. Give each a white collar criminal. The chief + plus advisors will have no difficulty keeping him in order, making him work for his keep and force him to teach everybody to read, write and count. discount sneakers online