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Published: Monday 02 September, 2013

designer handbags for less designer handbags for less 605m bill for greenhouse gas emissions

The fines, which will run every year from 2008 until 2012, will be imposed by the United Nations. Ireland has a limit on the amount of carbon dioxide it is allowed to produce under the Kyoto Agreement, and consultants have projected how many tonnes of the gas would be produced above that limit.

In the bestcase scenario, it was believed Ireland would produce 6.8m designer handbags for less tons of greenhouse gases above the Kyoto limit. In the worst case scenario, it could be 8.1m.

The Department of the Environment was putting a brave face on the disclosure and pointed to plans to buy emission credits and introduce cleaner techn designer handbags for less ologies.

The total cost over the Kyoto commitment period would then be ?277.5m ?55m a year for five years, the Department of the Environment said yesterday.

The Government is confident it will meet its commitments in relation to the Kyoto Protocol, a department spokesman added.

Green Party spokesperson Dan Boyle TD said the figures represented a large sum of money which was likely to be borne by the the PAYE taxpayer.

This Government continues to be negligent in failing to put in place fiscal measures targeted at those who have created and who maintain our level of carbon depen designer handbags for less dency in this country.

Instead the Government behaves as if the problem didnt exist and seems intent that the problem will be dealt with by calling on the ordinary PAYE taxpayer to bear the financial burden, he added. designer handbags for less