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Published: Tuesday 27 August, 2013

cheap online sneakers cheap online sneakers Answers on James Lovelock

What is the G cheap online sneakers aia hypothesis?

The Gaia hypotheses, as it was originally proposed by James Lovelock in his book Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth, suggests that the Earth self regulates. Let me elaborate.

Through the course of its life, planet Earth has undergone many changes. Sometimes, frequent volcanic e cheap online sneakers ruptions have overheated the atmosphere by filling it with ash and greenhouse gases, sometimes external forces like massive asteroids have seriously damaged the atmosphere and the geography of the world.

Lovelock noticed that in spite of all these factors, the proportion of gases in Earth atmosphere has remained more or less the same, ever since life took off as a dominant phenomenon. I think the technical term for this is homoeostasis.

This is a very important observation because the state of life on Earth relies to a heavy degree on the balance of gases in the atmosphere. Even seemingly tiny shifts in this delicate balance can seriously affect the planet lifesupporting capaci cheap online sneakers ty. Lovelock compared this to atmospheres of other planets like Mars which was a curiousity among scientists back then as far as life is considered and predicted that Mars is a dead planet. The planet atmosphere didn reveal any signs of homoeostasis upon telescopic observation. Later missions proved him right. Mars is dead, as far as life of the Earthly kind carbonbased, oxygenbreathing is concerned. cheap online sneakers