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Published: Sunday 28 July, 2013

cheap name brand shoes cheap name brand shoes Could biochar cheap name brand shoes help save our soil

To reduce greenhouse gases and increase soil fertility, farmers and scientists are turning their attention to biochar, a new technique that is 5,000 years old. Biochar is produced by burning agricultural waste or wood in a low oxygen environment. The remaining product is rich in carbon, which, when combined with composting materials or manure, helps the soil retain nutrients and moisture, increasing soil productivity. The benefits of thi cheap name brand shoes s process are witnessed in the Amazon Basins black soil, or Terra preta. The farmers that populated the Amazon for centuries practiced this form of soil fertilization, which continues to preserve the richness of the soil even to this day. The reasons for this are that the porous quality of the biochar creates an envir cheap name brand shoes onment conducive for microorganisms to thrive, but more importantly, it captures the carbon an essential element for plant growth for the use of the soil and plants, rather than releasing it to the air as a greenhouse gas emission. The process is actually carbon negative. There are several recommended means of producing this yourself, one being an updraft kiln and the other being to dig a ditch. The main point is to restrict oxygen so that the burned material doesnt become ash, but becomes charcoal.

The potential here is enormous. Materials considered waste, like wood chips, fallen trees, prunings, and garden waste, rather than being discarded, can be turned into a usable resource that will increase fertility, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, negate the use of chemical fertilizers, and repair the soil for generations to come. cheap name brand shoes

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