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Published: Friday 02 August, 2013

canada goose jackets cheap canada goose jackets cheap Edward Snowden charged with espionage

contractor edward snowden. he worked as a security analyst for the nsa and leak add trove ofto reporters at the guardian news paper and the post. for more details, we turn to nbc news justice correspondent,, with the latest on the story. what do you have for us?thing. this is the totality in what t canada goose jackets cheap he government released, by the way, and the rest of the case if you go to the courts website and looks at it, its under seal. he is basically charged with violating three

federal laws

. stealing government property, and secondly, two charges under the espionage chapter in the federal charging book, improperly giving out classifiedinformati canada goose jackets cheap on to somebody who is not cleared to see it and a separate char canada goose jackets cheap ge for giving outabout communications intelligence. so the three charges, each of them carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. canada goose jackets cheap