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Published: Thursday 01 August, 2013

balenciaga paris bag balenciaga paris bag ´╗┐environmental groups voice support for federal clean

TRENTON New Jerseys environmental groups came out today to support federal legislation aimed at reducing carbon emissions, which they say would create 47,000 clean energy jobs in the state. Senate.

The legislation sets goals for a reduction in national emissions, creates a national standard for renewable energy and dedicates funding to clean energy projects.

Doug OMalley, field director for Environment New Jersey, said the state alre balenciaga paris bag ady has a strong balenciaga paris bag reputation for clean energy, including the installation of 4,000 solar units. He said additional investment would be an economic breadwinner.

We need to kickstart our economy by putting on green hardhats and green collars, OMalley said. Senate delivers a strong clean energy bill and ensures that we dont lose out.

Clean energy investments would create three times as many jobs as spending on fossil fuels, according to a report from the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts and the Center for American Progress.

New Jersey Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel said New Jersey is failing behind nearby states that are offering better incentives for solar energy and green jobs.

Were risking those jobs going to other states, he said. Its important for the federal government to step up, but New Jersey has to step up and do its piece too.

The final House energy bill received mixed reviews from both environmental advocates who said its standards are weaker than those in Europe and Republican opponents who argue the bill creates, in effect, a tax on energy.

The bill centers on establishing a cap and trade system, which restricts the level of greenhouse gases producers are allowed to emit while allowing them to trade pollution allowances. The level of allowed emissions would be tightened every year which supporters say will lower the level of pollutants while driving up the price of allowances.

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