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balenciaga hobo bag

Published: Thursday 22 August, 2013

balenciaga hobo bag balenciaga hobo bag energy source for home

Choosing an alternative energy source depends more on your geography than almost anything else. If you are near the coast, you may have a nearly constant wind source, but fog and clouds could render solar energy useless. If you live inland, either wind or solar could be in good supply most of the year, or may not be strong enough to make enough power.

In California, you have to be in a very good geographical area to balenciaga hobo bag make this work. Solar energy usually requires 810 years to pay for itself, which is a risky proposition even in Southern California, with over 300 days a year of full sun. Wind power here is better, but has another problem: a wind turbine is large enough to be visible, balenciaga hobo bag and could cause visual pollution problems. It also is not a viable energy source except in mountain and canyon areas which have good winds most of the year. The average house simply cant afford the cost its not worth $5,000 to buy a generator that provides $300 a year of electricity.

One of the interesting ideas that is taking shape here is using a generator with a modified diesel engine that can burn waste oil and grease from restaurants. Although m balenciaga hobo bag ost of these are cars that run on cooking oil, they can also be used for household power. They, too have their troubles: they are burning carbons, yes, and can have noise issues. But burning this waste oil has an environmental benefit that waste oil would normally be burned by an incinerator anyway, so it might as well go to providing power.

Remember the manufacture of solar cells, wind turbines, and other generators takes a high toll on the environment, particularly with solar cells. Buying solar cells that wont be properly used wont save enough greenhouse gases to justify the making of the generator. So if you arent in a particularly sunny or windy area, the best thing for the earth is to rely on the cheapest, easiest way to get power your local electricity provider. balenciaga hobo bag