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Published: Friday 30 August, 2013

womens shoes sale online womens shoes sale online ´╗┐Defections over Climate Change at U

Chamber of Commerce. Chamber of Commerce over the Chambers opposition to Climate Change control. We strongly object to the Chambers recent comments opposing the EPAs effort to limit Greenhouse Gases, wrote Catherine Novelli, Apples Vice President of Worldwide Government Affairs in a letter to the Chamber Monday.

Last Wednesday Nike resigned from the Chamber over the issue of Climate Change control and how to approach the problem. Chamber of Commerce on the issue of Climate Change, the company said in a statement, saying it was quitting the Chamber. companies be represented by a strong an effective Chamber that reflects the interests of all its members on multiple issues, the statement said. We believe that on the issue of Climate Change, the Chamber has not represente womens shoes sale online d the diversity of perspective held by the Board of Directors.

The wrangling is enough to warrant response from the Chief Executive of the Chamber, Thomas Donohue, who says the industry lobby continues to support strong Federal legislation and a binding international agreement to limit carbon. Donohue says, some in the environmental movement claim that, because of our opposition to a specific bill or approach, we must be opposed to all efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gases or that we deny the existence of the problem. Chamber of Commerce is threatening to sue EPA about its position in controlling carbon. Our position is simple, the Chambers says on its website in the 5 Positions on Energy and the Environment. There should be a comprehensive legislative solution that does not harm the economy, recognizes that the problem is international in scope and aggressively promotes new technology and efficiency. Protecting our economy and the environment for future generations are mutually achievable goals.
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Its about time US business interests grew gonads and told the feds, the dear leader, pinkey reid, nancy the wicked witch of the west dont cry for me san francisco pelosi, babs boxer, john I serve womens shoes sale online d in viet nam kerry to shove this global warming claptrap where the sun dont shine but its still warm.

I predict that within a year or two at most the whole AGW religion will be totally discredited and many politicians and quite a few scientists who were so easily duped into abandoning healthy skepticism will be desperately seeking some kind of facesaving formula that will permit them to retain their jobs. So sad that in the meantime billions of dollars that could have been used to help the impoverished of this world will be wasted attempting the impossible task of curing a nonexistent problem. The butt boy press can no longer ignor the recent news that the data were rigged by the scientists that provided the pimps at the UN the science. These traitors truly need to burn. womens shoes sale online