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Published: Sunday 22 September, 2013

wholesale michael kors watches wholesale michael kors watches ´╗┐Amendment Request With FISA Court

Foreign Intell wholesale michael kors watches igence Surveillance Court to remove the gag order that keeps the company from issuing that information. tech companies have been under fire after it was reported that they allowed the National Security Agency to mine customer data, in a government program called PRISM.

FISA court data requests typically are known only to small numbers of a companys employees, says The Washington Post, which first reported the story. governments permission to provide the public with information about the national security requests it receives. As in that case, Google is seeking to publish general statistics about the courts orders, which would includ wholesale michael kors watches e the number of users or accounts in question.

FISA court data requests typically are known only to small numbers of a companys employees, The Post reports. Discussing the requests openly, either within or beyond the walls of an involved company, can violate federal law.

In todays carefully worded request for a declaratory judgment, Google was mindful not to say it has received such requests, saying that it wanted to reveal information about FISA requests that may be or have been served upon it, if any.

Google hopes to add that information to its Transparency Report, where it lists government requests about users information.

The FISA court, comprising 11 federal judges, is believed to have refused very few of the governments requests to conduct electronic surveillance.

Those claims stem from classified documents leaked by former government contract employee Edward Snowden, who reiterated his views yesterday in an online chat hosted by The Guardian newspaper, which first published the NSA story.

In the request Google made last week, its chief counsel, David Drummond, explained to Attorney General Eric Holder that the search and advertising giant has worked tremendously hard over the past fifteen years to earn our users trust.

After we published, the ACLU got in touch with this reaction to todays news, calling it a step in the right direction:

We welcome Googles eff wholesale michael kors watches ort to force greater transparency, but the public is entitled to know even more than the limited information Google wants to share, says ACLU attorney Alex Abdo. wholesale michael kors watches

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