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Published: Thursday 12 September, 2013

sale on michael kors purses sale on michael kors purses ´╗┐Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

Without the natural greenhouse effect the world would be too cold for the inhabitance of humans. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap a large amount of heat that would otherwise escape to space, which raises the temperature. Without the greenhouse effect, we would be living in a very chilly sale on michael kors purses placethe worlds average temperature would be minus 18C, instead of 16C that humans are used to. The natural greenhouse effect is a fairly simple process. Sunlight passes through the atmosphere warming the Earth. In turn, the Earth radiates this energy back into space. As it passes through the atmosphere, greenhouse gases water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide absorb part of the energy, while the remainder escapes into space. This means that some of sale on michael kors purses the Earths energy becomes trappedthus making the lower part of the atmosphere, and Earth, warmer.

The Earths atmosphere is made up of 78% nitrogen, and 21% oxygen. Only about 1% is made up of natural greenhouse gases, but this comparatively small amount of gas makes a big difference. Before the British Industrial Revolution which started in Englan sale on michael kors purses d about 200 years ago the mix of gases that make up the atmosphere was relatively constant. The revolution brought around new industrial processes, a large amount of agriculture, and a rapid increase of the Earths population. The rapid increase in human activity, caused for a larger production of greenhouse gases. This then caused the enhanced greenhouse effect.

The enhanced greenhouse effect is an increase of the worlds average temperature. Many scientists are positive that is a result of increasing greenhouse gas production. To help them understand these effects, scientists use mathematical models. These models take account of many processes that together determine the behavior of the atmosphere.

The enhanced greenhouse effect will affect all nations, whether or not they are personally contributing. That means that everyone must act and do their part to decrease their daily impact! YOU can make a difference. sale on michael kors purses